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Spray Mix’N Go!

Is brought to you by Timmy from “Lassie!”

“Spray, Mix ‘N Go! is a Dog’s Best Friend!”

Many dogs suffer emotional distress when they are separated from their owners, pain that can leave them traumatized and lead to negative or destructive behavior.

Spray, Mix ‘N Go! can improve our pets’ overall disposition, helping them relax all day long. It can also help with joint issues and arthritis.

A word from Jon and Laurie…

“For Decades, I have searched for a pet product to put my name on, but could never find one good enough – so I created my own.”

“For years, pharmaceuticals have been prescribed to ease dogs’ distress. But some of these had negative side-effects on their health. Many were simply tranquilizers that drugged your dog. Not only did this not address their behavioral problems but robbed you of quality time with your pet. That’s why we’re excited to bring you Spray, Mix ‘N Go! It’s non-addictive, non-toxic, and all-natural. Your pet remains alert and responsive while calmer and more relaxed, able to focus on you.”

  • Drooling and panting more than usual: The stress of being left alone can cause a dog with loneliness to drool and pant in excess.
  • Frequent pacing: Some dogs experiencing loneliness will pace around the house in the same pattern, either in circles or back and forth in straight lines.
  • Trying to escape: A dog with loneliness will try to escape the area where they’re left alone. They may try to dig or chew through windows or doors, which can lead to self-injury.
  • Howling or barking in excess: A dog experiencing loneliness will howl, bark, and whine in an attempt to escape.
  • Having accidents in the house after being potty trained: A dog experiencing loneliness will urinate/defecate in the house when they’re left alone, even though they’ve been potty trained.
  • Destructive behaviors, including chewing, digging, and scratching: Some dogs experiencing loneliness will chew or scratch on door frames, window sills, doorways, and other household objects.

“I love Spray, Mix ‘N Go! And so do my dogs. Before I started using it, they destroyed my couch when I went out. Now I come home to happy, stress-free pets – and a nice couch!”

Annette, Chicago

I got Spray, Mix ‘N Go! just in time for New Year’s Eve, so I’d only been adding it to my dogs’ food for about a week. I gave them an extra dose on a treat closer to midnight. That’s when what sounded like an M-80 exploded in the street behind us. Poor Woody was shaking like crazy, but he wasn’t panting and pacing. It wasn’t half as bad as it has been; and he settled down much more quickly. Beauty barked at the bang, but quieted down right away. She’s just chilling on the couch next to me now. It’s working!

Melissa B., California

Easy to use!

With our simple process, there is no measuring or counting drops, just swirl the bottle around, remove the cap, then aim directly at the food and spray!

  • Each spray is approximately 3mg.
  • The general rule is 1mg = 1lb*

*All pets are different, you may want to use more or less depending on your pet’s response.

Spray, Mix ‘N Go! comes in two convenient sizes. Click image NOW to order!

Spray, Mix ‘N Go! comes in two convenient sizes. Click image NOW to order!