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“Hi Laurie and Jon,
I received my bottle (of Spray Mix’N Go) within a few days. I am so impressed with your product.  It has been an immediate change in my cat’s aggression and anxiety towards my other cat.  I have been trying different products for 2 years now with not much success.  The other products I’ve tried I rate as 10 to 30 percent improvement. 
I was using a pheromone diffuser throughout my house and morning drops in her food, then calming treats in the evening. I only saw a 20 to 30 percent improvement.
With your product it was an instant change.  It is an 80 percent improvement which is miraculous.  It lasts 24 hours for her. The big test will be when I take her in for her nail trim in a couple of weeks. Your product has changed her life. I can tell she feels much better too.  I have my loving happy cat back. Thank you so much for creating this product. It is magic. Have you thought of taking your product on Shark Tank?
Thank you again and God Bless,”

Linda C., Sonoma, CA

“I thought I’d be writing to you after a few weeks passed to let you know how the Spray Mix’N Go was working…instead I’m writing to you just 2 days later! We had a carpenter at our house yesterday banging a hammer for hours, and my husband said that our dog, Penny Lane, was pacing and wouldn’t eat the entire time. The carpenter was gone by the time I came home, but I used your spray on Penny’s food last night, and on her breakfast and lunch today. When the carpenter came back this afternoon and began his hammering, Penny was not nearly as anxious. No pacing, she ate her treats, she played with her toys. She still seemed a little bothered by the noise, but she was able to function almost normally. I am so grateful to have found something that has helped to quell her anxiety over loud noises — this is the best!
Many thanks!!”

Gale O., Sebastopol, CA

“I got Spray, Mix ‘N Go! just in time for New Year’s Eve, so I’d only been adding it to my dogs’ food for about a week. I gave them an extra dose on a treat closer to midnight. That’s when what sounded like an M-80 exploded in the street behind us. Poor Woody was shaking like crazy, but he wasn’t panting and pacing. It wasn’t half as bad as it has been; and he settled down much more quickly. Beauty barked at the bang, but quieted down right away. She’s just chilling on the couch next to me now. It’s working!”

Four months later:

“This stuff has been miraculous. I have had such an amazing experience with your spray.”

Melissa B., Bakersfield, CA

“Our ageing cat was always an early riser, up at 7am; so, we were worried when he started sleeping until 11:00 or noon and his appetite decreased. I heard about your product and ordered a 1oz bottle. I was afraid he might turn up his nose at it. He’s very finicky, but he didn’t even know it was there. Within a few days, my cat was back to his routine – up at 7:00, good appetite and a renewed pep in his step! I’m amazed. Animals are so good at hiding pain. With hindsight, I think he’d been suffering with arthritis. But he feels great now and I want him to stay that way. I’m ordering the 4oz bottle!”

Sherrill S., New Orleans, LA

“I love Spray, Mix ‘N Go! And so do my dogs. Before I started using it, they destroyed my couch when I went out. Now I come home to happy, stress-free pets – and a nice couch!”

Annette, Chicago, IL